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Revitalizing Tooth Crown In Tustin, CA

Get A Revitalizing Porcelain Tooth Crown In Tustin, CA

Crowns & Bridges, Tustin, California

Cavities, cracks, and breaks can leave their mark on your tooth, but they don’t have to last. At Gold Coast Dental Tustin, our team of committed dentists can help restore the function and beauty of your smile with our porcelain tooth crowns. A dental crown caps your tooth to keep it strong and protected from further damage, all while giving back its undamaged, natural look.

Each of our dentists are artists at our craft, designing and creating your dental crown with a keen eye that leaves no detail unaccounted for. We color match the porcelain to the same shade of your natural teeth, and we shape your crown to exactly fit your natural bite. We stop at nothing to ensure no one, not even you, can tell the difference between natural enamel and your crown.

Trust our caring Tustin dentists to give your smile the reinforcement and cosmetic restoration it needs with our porcelain dental crowns. To schedule an appointment with us, call our dental office at (714) 795-3865 today!

Dental Bridges: Replacing A Missing Tooth With Crowns

Restore your smile like new with a natural-looking dental bridge at our Tustin dental office

If you’ve had a tooth extracted, then you shouldn’t wait to find a proper replacement tooth. Time is of the essence. The bone that used to hold your missing tooth starts deteriorating, and neighboring teeth begin shifting into the steepening hole left behind. Your bite changes, unsightly gaps appear between teeth, and those remaining teeth become vulnerable to further decay and infection. At its worst, it can mean more extractions in your future. At Gold Coast Dental Tustin, our highly-skilled dentists can affordably and beautifully restore your missing teeth with a natural-looking dental bridge.

Made up of two tooth crowns on the ends connected to the right amount of false teeth sandwiched in between, a standard dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth with a single prosthetic. The bridge is fitted into place by filing down the teeth on either side of the missing tooth gap and capping them with your prosthetics’ crowns. Once these crowns are secured with dental cement, the fake tooth or teeth can rest in the space between them, bridging the gap perfectly. Tooth bridges are a fantastic option for replacing up to 4 extracted teeth in a row. And with a dental implant support, that number increases even more!

With implant bridges, the crowns are not attached to nearby teeth surrounding the missing tooth gap but instead to a dental implant and abutment surgically inserted directly into the jaw. This leaves your natural teeth untouched, while allowing you to replace a minimum of 3 teeth with much greater support than a traditional bridge. Are you interested in repairing your incomplete smile with a dental bridge? Contact our dental office at (714) 795-3865 to book an appointment with one of our prosthetic dentists today!

Our Dentists Are Here For YOU!

We want you to be beyond satisfied with your time in our dedicated care.

At Gold Coast Dental Tustin, we firmly believe that a great dentist should always provide an amazing dental experience. That’s why our dentists always do our best to go above and beyond to tailor our service and dental work to your smile’s specific needs. Our office is equipped with the best and highest-quality technology and devices available to ensure you get the most of your crown or dental bridge. We’re friendly and thorough through every step of the process, too.

Choosing Your Dental Crown

Our Tustin dentists want to ensure you always get the most out of your dental crowns

At Gold Coast Dental Tustin, we understand that no two patients are the same. That’s why we always do our best to give ours a wide selection of dental options and treatments to adapt to their particular needs. Our Tustin office has available various types of dental crowns, which can each offer you a range of unique benefits depending on which material you choose: Composite Resin, All-Porcelain, Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal (PFM), Base Metal, and Gold. Composite resin and porcelain-based crowns have the advantage of blending in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Your crowns dentist is experienced in cosmetically crafting these crowns to that their color and shade appear beautifully natural. Resin crowns, which are made with the same material found in dental fillings, are not as strong as porcelain

or metal crowns and tend to last only 5 to 10 years. For many, however, their lower cost makes it worth it. All-porcelain and PFM crowns are much stronger, lasting 10 to 15 years on average and more than 20 years with attentive care and excellent dental hygiene. Metal crowns don’t have the aesthetic benefits of their tooth-colored counterparts, but they are much stronger and are much more resistant to breaking and chipping. They are the longest-lasting of all materials, with average lifespans of 20 to 30 years. Gold crowns are especially long-lived, wearing down at the same rate of your natural tooth, and have been known to last 50 years or even a lifetime! Do you need help deciding which dental crown is the right fit for you? Give our Tustin dental office a call to schedule a consultation with our talented crowns dentists.

  • How does a tooth bridge work?

    To create a bridge for a missing tooth, we start by either filing down or filling the teeth that neighbor the gap to be bridged. Once these teeth have been prepped, we take an impression of the missing teeth and neighboring teeth. This impression is used to create the bridge, which fills the original gap.

  • Is a porcelain crown good?

    Porcelain crowns are usually the crown of choice for our patients, particularly for a crown on a front tooth. Porcelain crowns are incredibly long-lasting and durable, and they are designed to look, feel, and function just like enamel. With great dental care and hygiene habits, you can have a beautiful porcelain crown for decades before needing a replacement!

  • How long do crowns last?

    Resin crowns tend to last only 10 years at most, while porcelain-based crowns can last anywhere between 5 and 25 years, based on how well they're taken care of. Metal crowns are the longest-lived, lasting decades before needing replacement. Some gold crowns can even last our patients a lifetime. If you’re worried about the longevity of your tooth crown, brushing and flossing regularly and coming in for regular dental cleanings can prolong its life.

  • How much is a dental crown?

    A number of factors will determine your dental crown cost, such as the type of crown being administered, the amount of prep work required, whether insurance covers the cost, and more. If you'd like to set up a consultation to discuss specific price points, feel free to give us a call.

  • Do porcelain crowns stain?

    Porcelain crowns are highly resistant to stains, but they're not completely immune. Just as coffee, teas, and red wine can stain your natural enamel, a porcelain crown can slowly age over time.

  • How much does a dental bridge cost?

    The cost of a dental bridge, as you might expect, is based on a number of factors. The type of bridge being used, the materials used, and the number and location of the missing teeth are all factors. Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss specific prices.

  • What happens when you get a crown?

    Placing a crown usually requires two dental visits. To start, we'll remove some of the outer layer of the tooth so the crown fits, and we'll remove any decay as well. We'll then create an impression to provide a model for the crown. When the crown is readied, it will be cemented in place inside the mouth.

  • Should I get a crown or extraction?

    If you can get a crown instead of an extraction, get a crown! At Gold Coast Dental Tustin, we always want you to preserve as much of your natural smile as we can. Pulling a tooth is always a last resort for us, reserved for when an extraction can save the rest of your mouth from further problems, like decay, infection, and gum disease.

  • Which is better: bridge or implant?

    When considering the dental bridge vs implant question, we're happy to discuss options with you. With an implant, your neighboring teeth don't need to be filed down or filled. Implants are a more permanent decision, as they're surgically connected to the jaw and fused to the bone. However, implants prove costlier than bridges and can even require a bone graft if the jawbone doesn't prove strong enough to support the implant. That said, implants provide structural support that bridges don't.


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