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The Funnest Dentist For Kids In Tustin, CA

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Kids Dentistry, Tustin, California

Okay, we get it. Going to the dentist may not be first on your child's list of fun things to do. But you may be surprised -- and relieved -- to know that we know children's dentistry and orthodontics inside and out. We're masters of making the responsible act of going to the dentist a fun one, too! Our mission at Gold Coast Dental Tustin is to help your child develop proper oral hygiene habits so that they grow into healthy and responsible adults. That's what makes us number one in children's pediatric dentistry.

Your child's developmental years are times you will treasure forever, so don't settle for anything less than the best for them! If it's time for your little one to see the children's dentist, call on us to deliver top-quality dental care to your family. Give us a call at (714) 795-3865 and find out why we're the best in children's family dentistry.

What Makes Us The Best Dentist For Kids

The special skills our staff possesses

There are a number of factors that separate us from the rest of the pack. Because we're sensitive to the needs of children, we have the skills and tools necessary to provide the best treatment for your child. Our staff understands issues and concerns specific to children's dentistry, and we're experienced in using smaller dental instruments that are tailored for children's smaller mouths. We also have a thorough understanding of the factors that affect the development of baby teeth, which provide important training and experience for having adult teeth

down the line. Our staff is also well versed in the preventive care that parents can teach their children early on -- the practices that can go a long way in contributing to healthy dental habits when they're adults. We have a specialized knowledge of the cosmetic and speech effects that emerging teeth have on children, and we use language that can easily be understood by the young ones when instructing them on proper oral hygiene. We have families ourselves, so of course we understand the importance of communicating properly with your children!

Comfort For Your Children

We offer the best in relaxation and enjoyment!

Your child may have their first baby tooth coming in -- or their last one. At any stage of their development, we're here for them. We're ready, willing, and able to assist them in cultivating beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime. Throw everything you thought you knew about the dentist out the window -- our dentist office for kids will ensure that your child's experience with us, be it their first or their tenth, is relaxing and enjoyable, not difficult or discomforting! If you're ready to see a kid friendly dentist who knows a thing or two about healthy child development, put your trust in Gold Coast Dental Tustin. We're ready to hear from you! Call us at (714) 795-3865 today.

All About Baby Teeth

Sure, they fall out, but they're still vital

Why are baby teeth so important if you're just going to lose them all? Well, actually, they are very important. Baby teeth help children develop good chewing habits early on. They aid in the development of children's speech. They form a pathway for the adult teeth to later follow, and they hold space in the jaws for those adult teeth to emerge. Your child taking care of their baby teeth will go a long way in helping them develop proper habits for "the real thing" when their adult teeth erupt. From when the first baby teeth erupt -- around six months of age --

to when the last baby teeth erupt in the very back of the mouth, being mindful of oral care is vital. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your child receives the best dental care possible-- First off, brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is good general advice, but what if your child doesn't have any teeth yet? Then it is advised to wipe your child's gums with a wet cloth in order to keep the mouth clean. Once you see your child's first tooth -- or once your child reaches their first birthday -- it's time for the first visit to the dentist. We'll lay out the roadmap for

your child's dental development, advise you on proper dental care, and handle any issues that can contribute to gum disease. Once your child develops two teeth that touch, it's a good idea to start flossing between those teeth so you can instruct your child on good flossing habits. You can also brush your child's teeth until you are confident that they can do it on their own. If your child is under three years old, then you'll want to start out with a tiny amount of toothpaste. If you have any questions about your child's oral health, you can count on us to be the reliable kid dentist that you need. Give us a call at (714) 795-3865.

  • What happens at your child's first dentist appointment?

    The first visit to the kids dentist with your child usually doesn't involve much in the way of treatment. The visit focuses on developing a relationship with the kid dentist, though adults can benefit from the visit as well; we'll inform you on the basics of oral health care for young ones, and what to watch out for.

  • How do I prepare my child for the dentist?

    Make sure your child doesn't eat anything heavy for at least thirty minutes prior to the visit. If you can, give their teeth a good brush and floss beforehand. If they're at all nervous about their dentist visit, try putting on a pretend appointment beforehand with you as their dentist. You'll only need a toothbrush as you count their teeth and do a good look at their teeth. Try not to make any drilling noises or pretend to use any "instruments" as this can make the dentist seem like a scary place, rather than a fun one.

  • What is the best age for a child to get braces?

    When your child turns 7, it's time for them to have an orthodontic consultation with one of our children's orthodontists. Between ages 8 to 14 is the best time to get braces. This is because most or all of their baby teeth have fallen out, and their permanent teeth are coming in, and their face and jaws are still developing and more malleable to teeth straightening treatment.

  • How can I help my child with fear of the dentist?

    It's common for children to be nervous about going to the dentist, but we make it a priority for your child's experience to be a relaxing one. Our family and children's dentistry team are kid-friendly and trained to help dissolve your child's nerves. We offer fun games and activities to keep your child entertained throughout their visit, and we're happy to answer any and all questions they might have so they always feel comfortable in our care.

  • Should I have my child's tooth extracted?

    When your child has a bad cavity, our children's emergency dentist may suggest a tooth extraction. This is not something to put off or ignore unless the baby tooth is about to fall out. Baby teeth are more vulnerable and prone to decay than adult teeth, and leaving a cavity untreated only makes things worse for your child's smile. The bacteria and decay can spread to the waiting adult tooth, making further treatment necessary as soon as the new tooth comes in. You'd rather have a temporary tooth removed than a permanent one, so you should always follow our kid dentists' recommendations whenever possible.

  • Do you use toothpaste to brush baby teeth?

    You should start applying toothpaste as soon as possible. Right from birth, a soft infant toothbrush can be used for cleaning your child's gums. Once you see the eruption of the first tooth, you can use a small bit of children's training toothpaste to brush your infant's teeth. Make sure you do it twice a day for best results!



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