Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

Superior Emergency Dentistry In Tustin, CA

Superior Emergency Dentistry in Tustin, CA

Dental Emergency, Tustin, California

Here at Gold Coast Dental Tustin, our emergency dental services cover a wide variety of urgent procedures because we want to help you no matter your specific need. Chips and breaks, severe toothaches and cavities, bleeding gums and gum disease, painful impacted wisdom teeth—our first-rate emergency dentists are on the case! From fillings and root canals to dental trauma restoration and tooth extractions, we stop at nothing to bring your smile back to full health. When it's time to call the emergency dentist, we are here for you however we can.

Our Tustin office is open from 7am to 7pm every day, including weekends and holidays, because we want to make getting the tooth pain relief you need easy. Each of our top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art private patient suites offers top-quality dental care and comfort, and our courteous and professional staff is ready to serve your every dental need with a patient smile and a gentle hand. Are you in need of urgent dental assistance? Don’t wait! Give our office a call at (714) 795-3865 right away, and one of our dental staff will be with you immediately.

Tooth Extraction:
An Emergency Worst-Case Scenario

Our Tustin emergency dentists make sure that you’re always stress- and
discomfort-free in our care, even during a tooth extraction.

Not all dental emergencies are created equal. Unfortunately, cavities, gum disease, or tooth fractures can be severe enough that it’s not possible for even our skilled emergency dentists to save your tooth. In these delicate situations, we’ll perform an expert, painless tooth extraction to save your smile from further discomfort and damage. There are two different kinds of extractions: simple and surgical. Simple extractions are done for teeth that are visible above the gums. After numbing

your tooth and gums with powerful local anesthetic, your emergency dentist will then use a tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth. Then, we can easily remove the tooth with forceps. A surgical extraction is for teeth that are submerged beneath the gum line, either through impaction or from a serious breakage. Most emergency wisdom teeth extractions are surgical extractions. Since the tooth isn’t easily accessible on its own, your emergency dentist will need to make a small incision in your gum

to reach it once your mouth is fully numbed. To make your extraction as simple as possible, we may also need to remove some bone around the tooth or cut the tooth into smaller pieces before extracting it. Both the simple and surgical extractions are highly effective, painless ways to restore your smile’s health and remove your troublesome teeth. Need to schedule an emergency appointment with our Tustin office? Please contact us at (714) 795-3865 for immediate assistance.

Unbeatable Dental Care At An Unbeatable Price

Our caring, responsive dentists have got you covered, no matter your dental emergency.

If you're dealing with a dental emergency, you should never have to wait for the urgent care you need. Here at Gold Coast Dental Tustin, we’re the best in Tustin, and we'll bring you fast relief with our wide range of emergency procedures. Our brilliant team of top dental professionals have the hard-earned skill to treat your injured smile painlessly with our gentle, steady hands. We do our best to be here for you whenever you need us. Our emergency dentists are here every day of the week from 7am to 7pm to ensure you can always come in for immediate treatment. Need to see us right now? Call our office at (714) 795-3865 right away, and someone will be there to assist you.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

If you experience any of these symptoms or problems, please see one
of our Tustin emergency dentists as soon as possible

While it may be obvious that your routine dental cleaning or cosmetic procedures like a professional whitening or dental veneers don’t require emergency dental care, not all situations may seem so clear-cut. If your filling or crown falls out, this isn’t a dental emergency, although we will want to have you come in soon to prevent any further tooth decay. Small chips and cracks in your teeth that don’t cause pain or leave any sharp edges aren’t dental emergencies, either. The general rule of thumb is that any situation that involves persistent, acute discomfort in or around your mouth can be regarded as a dental emergency.

Your smile most likely needs emergency dentistry from our Tustin urgent care staff if there is severe pain or dental trauma and the threat of worse on the horizon without immediate assistance. Common dental emergencies include: painful chipped or cracked tooth, broken or knocked-out tooth, bleeding that doesn't stop, continuous swelling of the mouth, severe toothaches and cavities, gum disease, tooth abscess, and pain when biting or chewing. Are you experiencing any of these urgent dental health issues? Give our office a call right now at (714) 795-3865 for emergency dental care!

  • Do you always need a crown after a root canal?

    During your root canal procedure, our Tustin dentists will have to clear out the infection in one or more of your tooth’s canals. While we will fill up the space left behind with gutta-percha, your tooth will also need reinforcement to keep it strong and protected against future cavities. While this reinforcing may use a crown in some cases, others might instead only need a dental filling.

  • Can a chipped tooth heal itself?

    While a small amount of surface enamel can grow back during a natural process called remineralization, this often only helps with the most minimal of cosmetic cracks or fractures. Chips and breaks go further than the surface, meaning a trip to the dentist is necessary for restoring your tooth. With minor, painless chips, you may only need dental bonding or veneers, but larger breaks may require a dental crown. In the most severe cases, the tooth can't be saved at all and will need to be removed.

  • Why does a toothache go away?

    If you find your painful toothache suddenly disappearing for good, you shouldn’t be celebrating. Untreated toothache relief can be a sign of a dental nightmare scenario: the death of your tooth. The sensitive nerves and blood vessels at the center of your tooth are what keeps it alive. You can lose all sense in your tooth if these nerves and vessels become too severely damaged. At this point, you will need a root canal at best and a dental extraction at worst.

  • Is a chipped tooth a dental emergency?

    In some cases, a chip can extend deep enough to expose the sensitive nerve at the center of your tooth's dental pulp. This dental emergency should be treated as quickly as possible, as it is often extremely painful and increases the risk of tooth infection and cavities. If the dental nerve becomes badly damaged enough, the tooth may die and require extraction. The sharp surface of the tooth can also cut the inside of your mouth and gums. However, not all chipped teeth are emergency situations. If a chip is only cosmetic and doesn't go further than the enamel layer, our cosmetic dentists can restore your smile at any time with dental bonding or veneers.

  • Is it really necessary to remove impacted wisdom teeth?

    Although wisdom teeth usually emerge between ages 17 and 25, sometimes they're impacted and don't come in at all. While this isn't always painful, impactions can create a growing list of problems for your smile. They can cause damage to neighboring teeth when trying to come in as well as leave you vulnerable to gum disease, cavities, and dental abscesses. In many cases, your dentist may recommend you have your wisdom tooth extracted if it's impacted to prevent you from a lot of potential pain and dental work in the future.

  • How can I fill a hole in my tooth at home?

    Please do not try any emergency treatment at home! When a hole develops in your tooth, it’s often a sign of a cavity. To properly treat your tooth, our dentists will need to perform comprehensive exams to understand the extent of the decay before we remove the infected tissue and sterilize your tooth. Only then will we be able to restore your tooth with either a filling or crown. Attempting to do this on your own can be disastrous as you will seal the decay and bacteria in with your tooth, and the problem will only continue to get worse.



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